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SAP Business One Integration

SAP Business One Integration Framework (B1iF for short) is the strategy for SAP Business One to enable the evolution from a Business Application to a Business Platform.


B1iF is an integration strategy delivered with SAP Business One. This is based in the SAP Integration platform B1iP, that was developed some years ago using Java. B1iP supplies the integration blocks used by all of the integration products, including B1iSN and B1iF.


Functional Perspective

From the business stand point, B1IF takes business objects from one system, transforms them and creates or modifies object in another system. System is not necessarily SAP system, it could be any system such as ecommerce web site, shipping carrier, or legacy system within the organisation.
Business Objects could be almost anything the business deals with. For example – an invoice, a journal entry, Credit Card transaction, or even an email thereby providing solutions for integration with high exibility.


Typical scenarios are:
• 3rd Party Application data integration (B1IF can be placed into non-SAP environments to effect integration)
• Connecting branches and HQ
• Inter-company transactions
• Web Integration
• Mobile Solutions
• More…